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Noodles (durum wheat semolina)* 47%, beef 24%, vegetables in varying proportions 13% (red bell pepper, pickled cucumbers, onion, champignon mushrooms), mustard (vinegar, mustard seeds*, sugar, salt, caramelised sugar, coriander seeds, marjoram, nutmeg, black pepper, pimento, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf) sweet paprika, hot paprika, tomato paste, herbs, wheat flour*, canola oil, salt, pepper

Allergy Information:
Contains wheat flour, mustard seeds

Nutrition Value / 100g:
Energy  - 382 kcal; Fat - 5.9 g (saturated: 1.9 g); Carbohydrates - 44.2 g (sugar: 7.3 g); Protein - 33.7 g; Salt - 3.8 g; Fibres - 8.8 g

1. Tear off at the notch above the zip lock.
2. Add the amount of warm or cold water described on the package.
3. Stir thoroughly.
4. Close the zip lock and leave for 5 minutes.
5. Tear off at the notch below the zip lock and stir again.
6. Enjoy your meal.

Serving size: 113g (316g rehydrated)
Total energy: 432 kCal
Storage life: 48 months