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The Paleo Jerky is a perfect snack for outdoor enthusiasts, people on the go, or those who just want to make their health and nutrition a priority.
The Paleo Jerky is a natural beef jerky, excellent in quality, taste and winner of the Men's Health / Women's Health Good Food Award 2016!

Beef, salt, coriander, garlic, vinegar, chili, nutmeg, pepper, preservatives (sodium nitrate,potassium sorbate)

Allergy info:
gluten free, soy free, lactose free, no MSG, no artificial flavours or colours

Nutrition Value / 100g:
Energy - 303 kcal; Fat - 4.4 g (saturated: 2 g); Carbohydrates - 0.9 g (sugar: 0.5 g); Protein - 63.3 g; Salt - 3.9 g; Fibres - 1.3 g

Pouch size: 25 g
Total energy: 76 kCal
Storage life: 48 months

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